Photographs: Marta Fernández Canut


Environments, Representation & Identity

7th May – 22nd May 2015
The Folio Club – Barcelona
Curator: Pedro Torres

Alter-retrato is an exhibition combining photographs and publication of twenty spanish and international authors, mostly self-published projects. The show combines different intimate stories explained through people, places, moments and close objects to them realities. A look to the outside world that reveals the identity of the photographer, as if it were an inverted self-portrait, generated by the ability to identify themselves with their environment and their representation.

Selection Artists

Rafael Arocha, Jon Arruti, Line Bøhmer Løkken, Gerard Boyer Ballesteros, David Bru, Jacob Buchard, Tiago Casanova, Rafa Castells, Teresa Eng, Andres Gonzalez, Olmo González Moriana, Patrick Hogan, Christina Leithe H., Pablo Lerma, Albert Riera, Juan Margolles, Ignacio Navas, Miren Pastor, Yurian Quintanas Nobel and Marina Ruiz.

Photographs: Albert Bonsfills


International Festival of Photography

16th October – 21st December 2014
Espai Tabacalera, M2 – Tarragona
Curator: Jesús Micó

Talent Latent 2014 shows the work of ten artists who represent some of the emerging values of international contemporary photographic creation. Selected after having reviewed the work of hundreds of artists, these ten photographers offer us an interesting panorama of some of the main stylistic lines and thematic areas in which this creation moves. From different parts of the world (the United States, Belgium, Mexico, Germany, India, China, South Korea and Argentina, as well as Spain), they have created projects with an outstanding personal stamp and authorship. There can be no doubt that these projects merit being presented and championed by SCAN Tarragona 2014, a festival whose main idea is to distinguish and promote the photography of new, highly talented, international artists.

Selection Artists

Iñaki Bergera, Anne Berry, Albert Bonsfills, Pablo Castilla, David Catá, Caleb Cole, Rodrigo Illescas, Jordi Pizarro, Marina Ruiz and Pixy Yijun Liao.

primera visió

Photographs & Photobooks

5th  September – 21st September 2013
KOWASA gallery – Barcelona
Curators: Natasha Christia & Pedro Arroyo

KOWASA gallery features a group exhibition dedicated to the creations of four young photographers, all students of the Art Project Course of GrisArt photography school of Barcelona, which is run by the photographer and photography critic Pedro Arroyo. In their installations and photobooks, the four authors of the show explore various aspects of the photographic medium.

-Marina Ruiz Vallejo (NIIT) projects her personal imagery of night landscape by means of a dreamful and minimalist language-

The show is part of the second edition of Art Nou-Primera Visió 2013.
Art Nou is an initiative of the Barcelona Art Gallery Association, aimed at the promotion of young emerging artists.

Selection Artists

Martí Gasull, Beatriz Maldonado, Marina Ruiz and Sandra Zapata.